Dried Bael fruit 500Gr

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มะตูมแห้งแบบแว่น 500Gr

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Ingredient :  100%Dried Bael fruit 

Product Information  : Dried herbs The popular thirst-quenching drink "Bael fruit juice" is probably a Thai herbal drink that many people like. With a sweet taste that doesn't hurt your throat. It has a pleasant smell. and also has good properties that helps nourish the elements It is a Sumonprai that is suitable for Thai people. and hot weather of Thailand quite a lot Benefits of pectin containing dietary fiber And it contains tannins that help control blood sugar levels. and helps expel waste in the body The sweetness from bael fruit is therefore not harmful to diabetics. It also helps relieve internal heat and thirst.
Boiling method:
1. Wash 10-15 glasses of quince thoroughly.
2. Toast or roast in a pan using low heat to make it fragrant.
3. Put 2 liters of water into a pot and heat over medium heat.
Then add the quince. Boil until the water boils, then turn the heat down a bit.
4. Continue to boil until the water turns dark and the quince is pale in color. Filter out the pulp.
5. Add sugar to increase sweetness as desired. Can be drunk both hot and cold.

Country : Thailand

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