Fish Maw Dried 100Gr

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กระเพาะปลาแห้ง 100 ก.

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Product description

Ingredient :  100% Fish Maw Dried

Product Infomation :  According to Chinese herbal medicine, fish maw is said to be a food that nourishes the blood. Nourish cells and tissues Make your body strong Boosts immunity and gives energy to the body.

How to use: Before using, soak in clean water. Then scald with hot water several times (be careful of the heat after scalding with hot water). Wring out the water and then cook.

Steps for preparing the fish maw/cleaning the fish maw.
- Boil fish maw with clean water. When the water starts to get hot, add about 2 ladles of Chinese liquor.
- Wait until the water boils, then pour the water away.
- Rinse with clean water 2 times and squeeze out the oil.
- Wash with cold water again, squeeze dry, cut into pieces and set aside.

Country :  THAILAND 

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