TH Mung Bean Vermicelli 50x200g.Double Dragon

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วุ้นเส้นตรามังกรคู่ 50x200g.Double Dragon ( thai )

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Product description

Ingredients: bean starch (mung beans) 88%, water 12%

Product Infomation : Double Dragon bean vermicelli (mung): Thin mung bean vermicelli noodles, ideal for soups and salads, offering a light and delicate texture. 

Easy to prepare these only need soaking for a few mins before cooking or if being added to soups. Once cooked they are translucent hence the name 'glass noodle'.
Just place in a heat proof dish/bowl and pour over hot/boiling water - soak for about 5 mins or until soft and tender then use as required. Perfect in salads, soups & stirfries.
Alternatively for deep frying they do not need soaking. Deep Frying will result in a crispy noodle ideal as a garnish. Just drop into hot oil and remove as soon as they puff up. Be quick as it will only take seconds!

Product of Thailand

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