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ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ เส้นหมี่ กึ่งสำเร็จรูป ตราเลอรส 150กรัม (แดง)

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Product description

1. Selected Noodle - 42%
2. Spices Sauce - 31%
3. Chili Paste - 19%
4. Coconut Milk Powder - 5%
5. Fried Garlic - 3%

1. Spices Sauce - 31%
- White & Black Soy Sauce, Bean Sauce, Oyster Sauce - 23.24%
- Pickled Garlic Juice - 4.34%
- Sugar - 1.55%
- Salt - 0.52%
- Monoammonium Glutamate - 0.83%
- Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper Powder - 0.52%

2. Chili Paste
- Chili Sauce - 14.04%
- Vinegar - 2.34%
- Sugar - 1.2%
- Peppermint Powder - 1.12%
- Monoammonium Glutamate - 0.30%

As an instant noodle, the Lerros Thai Boat Noodle with vermicelli noodles is a convenient and easy-to-prepare meal. Simply boil the noodles in water, add the included seasoning packet and any additional seasonings or toppings you prefer, and enjoy. The seasoning packet may include flavors such as beef, pork, or chicken, as well as herbs and spices like lemongrass, chili, and coriander.

Thai boat noodles are a popular street food in Thailand, known for their rich and complex flavors. While instant noodles may not be as authentic as the traditional dish, they can still offer a tasty and satisfying meal option.

Authentic Thai instant boat noodles, the dark soup base is the characteristic of the boat noodles. It will be ready within 3 minutes, just add your favourite ingredients and it will become a bowl of authentic boat noodles, same delicious taste as you get in Thailand ! 
How to cook :
- Pour the seasoning, chilli paste ( please adjust according to how spicy you can take) and coconut milk powder into 350ml of boiled hot water and mix well. Add any kinds of meat or veggies that you like then put noodles in cook for 2-3 minutes(depend what noodle texture you prefer), then pour the fried garlic done.  
- One pack is suitable for 1 person, you can add extra noodles according to your need, if you have a big appetite. 

Product of Thailand


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