Instant Noodles Tom Klong Smoked Fish Wai Wai 30 X 60 G

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เส้นสำเร็จรูป รสต้มโคล้ง ตราไวไว-ควิก 30x60 g ( thai)

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Product description

Ingredients :
Wheat Flour 70% , Palm Oil 9.33% , Iodized Salt 4.50% , Sugar 4.11% , Onion Powder 3.0% , Chill Powder 2.15% ,MSG , No preservative added, artificial colour and artificial flavour added.

Product Information :Instant noodles of Wai Wai originating in Thailand bring an authentic taste of Thai cuisine in your home. The fast cooking noodles consists of smoked fish flavor and onion powder and are ready in minutes. Pour boiling water over the noodles and add the spice mix. Enjoy the authentic, delicious spicy flavor of Wai Wai Quick Formula Instant Tom Klong Smoked Fish Noodles.

Method: Simply add boiling hot water to the noodles and spices, cover and wait a couple minutes.

Product of Thailand

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