Salted Dark Soy Sauce 300 ml., Kwang Dao brand

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ซีอิ้วดำเค็ม 300ซีซี ตรากวางดาวทอง

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Product description

Salty soy sauce, industrial standard quality, vegetarian

Packing size 570 cc/bottle
- Fermented for 4 months, 100% natural fermentation
- Made from good varieties of Thai soybeans.
- Strong aroma and strong taste
- Add flavor and color to food
-For cooking food that requires a medium dark color, such as Marinate meat, make soup, salted roasted chicken, salted roasted pork, pick celery.
- Use for porridge, rice porridge, fried eggs.
- Use it as a dipping sauce. or chilli soy sauce (Use fresh chili mixed with fresh lime)
- Taste, smell, color comes from solar energy.

No preservatives added.
Free from additives

Approximate components
Soybean 45%
40% water

Salt 10%

Wheat flour 5%
mixed with iodine

Information for food allergies: Contains soybeans and wheat flour.

Warning: Patients with chronic kidney disease and heart disease who have abnormalities in blood potassium levels. You should consult your doctor before consuming.

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