Black Long bean 200Gr

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ถั่วปีสีดำ 200 ก

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Product description

Ingredient :  100% Black Long bean 

Product Information  : The pods are like yardlong beans, but straight, short, hard. Both the shell and seeds are black, dark red, purple-red, reddish-green. The pods are about 1 cm long, small, and strong. They like to steam or boil them, eat them with chili paste, or just eat them or make them into desserts.
Or make bean papaya salad, bland soup, stir-fried with pork and eggs. Stir-fried curry paste, stir-fried basil, ground bean paste and eggplant, sour curry, liang curry, jungle curry, kae curry, kua curry, om curry, steamed, boiled, blanched, eaten with chili paste. Some people use the fresh pods as a side vegetable, eat them with larb, koi, papaya salad, use them in bean salad

Country : Thailand

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