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รสดีหมู 800 gr

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Product description
Ingredient: MSG (Monosodium L-glutamate) (INS621) 32%, Maltodextrin (CAS No. 9050-36-6) 3.7%, Disodium 5-ribonucleotide. (INS635) 0.4%, Caramel Group 1 Normal Caramel (INS150a) 0.02%, Iodized Salt, Sugar, Pork Powder 3.5%, Spices, Palm Oil, Natural Identical Flavor and Color Added.

Product Infomation :Seasoning powder for every taste(Knorr sure delicious).
RosDee All-In-One Original Thai Cook Seasoning pork Flavour.
Cook delicious fried dishes. Without added ingredients.
So do not add fish sauce. Add powdered sugar
Easy and comfortable to use.

Deliciously! Ros-Dee Food Seasoning pork Flavor Thai Original Cuisine Used to Cook Many Kinds of Food Rot-Dee food seasoning Pork flavor is a kind of Thai-completed-seasoning ready to mix with many kinds of food. 
This product is made of quality and clean ingredients with original cuisine formula which has it's brand "Ros-Dee" Brand and it is preserve food can be kept for long time. 

How to use :
1.Fried Food a. Use 1 tablespoon (9g) : vegetable 500g b. Use 1 tablespoon (9g) : meat 500g
2.Soup Food : Use 2 tablespoon (18g): water1,000g or1 liter 3.Fermentation Food : Use 2 tablespoon(18g) : meat 500g 

Product of Thailand.

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