Chinese Herbal Soup 50g by No.1 Hand brand

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เครื่องตุ๋นยาจีน 50ก ตราง่วนสูนมือที่1

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Product description

Ingredient :  Huai Sua 45% Goji 20% Ngek Tek 20% White Pepper 12% Dang Kui 3%

Product Infomation : 
Take all the spices in the packet. Rinse through clean water.
Put it in a cloth bag. (Free cloth bag for Chinese medicine in the envelope)
Place in boiling water. Then add 1 chicken (about 1.5 kilograms) with about 4 liters of water.
Stew over low heat until cooked through. Season with salt and rock sugar.

Country :  THAILAND 

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