Nam Ngiew curry paste 100g by Mae Um phon

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น้ำพริกน้ำเงี้ยว 100ก ตราแม่อัมพร

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Ingredients : Dried Chili  , Garlic  ,  Shrimp paste, salt, shallot

Product Information  : >>>>How to make Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao. Makes 30 servings<<<<<
1. Boil bone broth. Use long bones Or boil ribs until tender (10 liters of water)
2. Use about 1 kilogram of minced pork, choose to add a little bit of fat or it will be beautiful.
3. Soak the flowers for 10 minutes and wash thoroughly. Then put it into the soup pot.
4. Ripe tomatoes, cut about 1-1.5 kilograms as desired.
5. 8-10 chicken blood cubes, diced.
6. Heat a little oil and fry the garlic until brown.
7. Stir in 500 grams of chili paste (if the chili paste is too sticky, dissolve it with a little water first so it can be easily stir-fried).
8. Stir-fry chili and onion, then add minced pork and stir-fry well. Add the stir-fried soybean paste to give it a fragrant aroma and the soup will be more mellow.
9. Stir together over medium heat. You can add oyster sauce to stir fry at this step as you like.
10. Ladle into the prepared soup pot. Add the chopped chicken blood.
11. Season with salt, soy sauce and a little sugar. As you like (salty taste) wait for it to boil for a while.
12. Add tomatoes. Wait for the water to boil for a while. Don't leave it for too long because the tomatoes will be mushy and not beautiful when serving.
13. Cut spring onions and coriander. and pickled mustard greens for garnishing when serving.
14. Fried garlic for garnishing, choose something new and fragrant, it will make it even more delicious.
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Country : Thailand

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