Southern small sour mango 500gr

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มะม่วงเบา 500กรัม

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Product description

Ingredient :  100%Southern small sour mango

Product Information  : Mini Mango a small mango Satisfying sour taste, mild aroma, can be eaten both fresh and in various processed forms, and also has benefits. and many properties that must be eaten.

-Use instead of lemon juice. or tamarind juice in food, such as raw mango in chili paste Or rice mixed with shrimp paste. For southern people, raw mangoes are often added to savory dishes such as khao yam, khanom jeen nam, khao rad, fish curry, etc.
-Popular for processing to preserve food and create a career such as preserved mangoes Dried mangoes, etc.
-Raw fruits are commonly eaten with sweet fish sauce, dipped in chili and salt, or used in salads, etc.
-light mango tree bark Bring it to a boil and drink water to help relieve fever and heat.

Country : Thailand

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