Plum Mango (Sweet) 500Gr

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มะปรางหวาน 500 ก

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Product description
Ingredient :  100% Plum Mango (Sweet)

Product Information  : Plum mangoes, also known as 'Maprong mangoes' and 'Marian plums', are closely related to the mango.

They are small fruits and have a size and shape roughly comparable to an egg. They have thin, smooth skin that ripens from green to a dazzlingly bright orange-yellow hue.

Although in appearance plum mangoes do not resemble their namesakes, once you cut into the flesh you will realise how they gained their title. The first hint is given by their aroma: the fruits emit a divine mango-like fragrance that wows your senses.

It is the flesh's flavour and texture though that really give plum mangoes their name. In texture, the fruits are often said to be comparable to plums: the orange flesh (encasing a bitter but edible central seed) offers an initial crispy bite, but then reveals its soft, jelly-like (and slightly fibrous) texture. In flavour, however, the fruits are regularly likened to mangoes, as they delight the tastebuds with a sweet taste and subtle notes of tartness.

Whilst plum mangoes are most commonly eaten fresh out of hand, they are ideal for a number of culinary uses. We'd recommend adding them to fruit salads and using them to make mouthwatering pickles, chutneys, and compotes. Check out the 'Further information' tab below for more recipe inspiration.

As well as being delicious, plum mangoes boast a number of nutritional benefits. In particular, they are an excellent source of dietary fibre and vitamin C.

Country : Thailand

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