Thai Tea Mix 12 X 400 GR CHA TRA MUE

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ชาไทย แดง 12 X 400 GR ตรามือ( EU)

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Product description

Ingredients :
Tea 94% , Sugar 5% Artificial  natural flavors and coloring added.

Original Thai Tea Mix (RED TEA POWDER VANILLA FLAVOR) can be served in various concoctions catering to the different consumers. Among these choices include plain tea, the famous Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea), Cha dam Yen (Thai Black Tea), Iced lemon tea, bubble tea either hot or cold. Additionally, the product can be used as an enhancer to concoct your preferred beverage and it can even be mixed with various products to create new flavours for confectioneries, sweets and ice cream etc.

*How to make
1. Pour 1 tea sachet of Original Thai Tea Mix (Green-Label) in your cup. 
2. Pour 300 ml. of hot water, steep it for 3-5 minutes. 
3. Use a spoon to press the sachet to get more concentrated tea. 
4. Then take out the tea mix sachet
5. Add sugar, lemon juice, condensed milk, fresh milk to your liking,  Also, you can add some ice or chill to make cold drinks, or enjoy it immediately as hot drinks.

Product of Thailand

Product of Thailand

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