Instant Fried Noodle Gravy Sauce 90g by Jinheng

SKU : 3734
ราดหน้าหมี่กรอบรสดั้งเดิม 90ก ตราจินเฮง

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Product description

Ingredients:  Crispy noodles, Radna soup powder, Condiments (chili, sugar, orange juice, fish sauce)

How to do it
1. Place crispy rice noodles in a prepared bowl.
2. Dissolve the topping powder with water. in the right amount at normal temperature If you want to add eggs Mix in the eggs right away.
3. Pour the water over the mixer and put it on fire. Stir until clear and thick. When the water boils, add meat and vegetables as you like. When cooked, remove from heat.
4. Take the gravy and pour it over the crispy noodles in the prepared bowl. Adjust to taste as you like. Ready to eat

Product of Thailand


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