Preserved Radish Sweet Slices 50 X 227 GR GOLDEN CHEF

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ไชโป้หวาน 227กรัม GLODEN CHEF (สติกเกอร์เหลือง)

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Product description

Ingredients: Radish, sugar, salt, preservative: E202.

Golden Chef Sweet Radish: Preserved radish with a sweet profile, commonly used in Asian cuisine.

Preserved Radish Sweet Slices have a sweet, salty and slightly sour taste that makes it a perfect ingredient to balance the flavors in a dish. The crunchy consistency also provides an interesting texture.

Recipes with Preserved Radish Sweet Slices:

- Pad Thai: Preserved Radish Sweet Slices can be used as a topping for this classic Thai noodle dish.
- Stir-fry with chicken and vegetables: Cut chicken and vegetables into small pieces and fry them together with Preserved Radish Sweet Slices for a delicious and quick dinner dish.
- Noodle Soup with Pork and Radishes: Use Preserved Radish Sweet Slices as a flavorful topping for this delicious soup.

Country :  China

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