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คอลลาเจน ไตรเปปไทด์ พลัส ไบโอติน ตราชาเม่ 15กรัม*6 (90 กรัม)

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Product description

Contains 0% fats, no sugar, is delicious, not fishy, and easy to drink every day

Key Ingredients:

- Collagen Tripeptide from Japan: has the function in connecting the tissue cells together because it is a protein molecule with 3 Polypeptide strands to form a fiber to repair deteriorated cells.

- Horsetail Extract: strengthens and stimulates the hair follicles, increases the blood flow in the scalp, and reduces the production of sebum or oil in the scalp.

- Millet Extract: helps reduce hair loss, stimulates hair growth for new and stronger hair, and keeps hair soft and shiny.

- Biotin: reduces hair loss problems, and helps the nervous system work normally.

- Coenzyme Q10: slows down the degeneration of skin cells, relieves peripheral neuropathy, and strengthens immunity.

- L-Glutamine: stimulates protein synthesis which is the main ingredient in hair, helps repair the deteriorated part, and helps in treating inflamed scalp.

- Pumpkin: contains high zinc mineral content to prevent and treat hair loss and thin hair caused by the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, which has an effect in abnormal high fat secretion, causing blockage of blood vessels that flow to nourish the hair follicles and thin hair.

- Zinc Amino Acid: is a mineral that helps with the growth of hair and nails to be stronger. It also helps control the function of the sebaceous glands on the scalp, thus reducing the chance of hair loss.

CHAME Collagen Tripeptide Plus Biotin is the dietary supplement formula for hair care. It contains natural extracts such as Horsetail Extract, Millet Extract from Germany, and various amino acids. It enhances the better efficiency by promoting skin to be youthful, and treating the problems of hair loss, thin hair, and dry and damaged hair to be strong and shiny. It is suitable for people with hair loss problems caused by age, pollution, stress, frequent hair coloring, and genetics. It helps fill you with confidence to make you beautiful in all degrees in a single sachet. The product is easy to take, contains 0% fats, no sugar, gluten-free, delicious, not fishy, and ​​easy to drink every day.

Country : Thailand

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