Kanom Piakpoon 780g

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แป้งกึ่งสำเร็จรูป ขนมเปียกปูนกะทิสด ใบเตยไซส์ L ตราเปียกปูนไฮโซ 780g

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Product description

Ingredients : rice flour,arrowroot starch,sugar, salt

Product Infomation :  Taste in the style of a high society wet poon No need to ask for a branch. There is a detailed method for doing it. #There is free coconut milk seasoning powder for every bag. Delicious just like the original.

>> How to do it <<
1. Mix flour with water according to the ratio in the recipe.
2. Stir well until the sugar dissolves.
3. Prepare a pan, use low heat.
4. Pour the batter into the pan. And use a ladle to stir at all times.
5. When the dough is cooked, it will become viscous and clearer.
6. Scoop into cups or put in a squeezer. Squeeze into the tray as desired.
7. Let the dessert set. Ready to eat

Country :  THAILAND 

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