LOBO AGAR DESSERT MIX ALMOND FLAVOUR 130G ผงทำเต้าฮวยเย็นกลิ่นอัลมอนด์

SKU : SIAMxx67
LOBO 130G ผงทำเต้าฮวยเย็นกลิ่นอัลมอนด์

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Product description

Lobo Almond Agar Dessert Mix 130 g

Lobo Almond Agar Dessert is a ready-made dessert mix for almond jelly of agar agar. This dessert which is popular in many Asian countries, is a delicious refreshment especially on hot days. Mix the dessert mix with water, allow to boil and leave to cool in the tins. Serve Lobo Almond Agar Dessert Mix with fresh fruit and syrup.

sugar, glucose syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, sodium caseinate

Product of Thailand

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