Chili Paste-Shrimp Flavor 90g

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น้ำพริกกุ้งนางป่น 90ก. ตราแม่ประนอม

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Product description

Chili Paste Shrimp Flavor Maepranom (90g)

This is delicious Chili Paste Shrimp Flavor Maepranom which choose the best herbal and materials to make concentrated taste as original Thai native.  Not fat eat healthy. This product use modern technology and Hygiene. This chili paste eat with a steamed rice or sticky rice and fresh vegetables or boiled vegetables.

Ingredients :
Dried Chili 20%, Dried Shrimp 20%, Garlic 10%, Onion 10%, Sugar 10%, Fish Sauce 10%, Salt 5%, Shrimp Paste 5%

Product of Thailand

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