Sweet Potato Miga Glass Noodles20 X 500 GR NONGSHIM

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เส้นแก้วจากมันหวาน Miga 20 X 500 GR NONGSHIM

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Product description

Nongshim Sweet Potato Glass Noodle (500 gr)

Indulge in the unique twist of Sweet Potato Glass Noodles by Nongshim ! Wonderfully chewy and delightfully versatile, these noodles are the perfect foundation for your next culinary adventure. Made from premium sweet potatoes, they're not only delicious but also gluten-free. Whether tossed in a savory stir fry or served with a splash of spicy sauce, these noodles promise a meal that's both healthful and satisfying. Dive into a world of flavor

Ingredients: sweet potato starch, sweet potato, sodium alginate.
Nutritional Information:

Country of Origin: South Korea

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